Trail, originally uploaded by apkhat.

The photo is taken at "Jægersborg dyrehave" (often translated to "The Deer Garden" or "The Deer Park" РI got pictures of them as well on flickr)

It was an early saturday morning, im holding staycation for around 1,5 month so i i have all the time i want for photography.
I rode my bike to Dyrehaven to take some nice sunrise pictures, but when i arrived the sun wasnt where i tought it would be and so on. I ditched my sunrise-pictures so i instead could take pictures of various deers (red deers and fallow deers)
When walking home i saw this lovely little collection of trees with such beautifull light (what i came for in the first place)
The exif reads 6am and that was about 2h 15m after the sunrise. just before the sky began to burn out. I took alot of photos and this one i loved most.

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