Vertical Trees

Vertical Trees, originally uploaded by Alone with Nature.

My name is Paul Nguyen.
This is a stand of evergreens in F. Gilbert State Forest in Massachusetts, USA, as seen in late February. I go here often to find peace and quiet. I've been looking for a long time to find a stand of perfectly straight trees that doesn't have any of the usual underbrush clutter. This would allow me to emphasize the vertical lines created by the tall straight trunks. This section of the forest was as perfect as I'd found. To compose the photo, I tried to frame as much of the trunks as possible, while excluding as much sky and ground as possible. The ground that remains becomes strictly a background element. For processing, I used a bleach bypass technique to emphasize the contrasting tones of the trunks and the snow on the ground, and to convey the coldness of the environment. 
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